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In the Sonic games, particularly the Megadrive versions, a high score is recorded. It is often overlooked by players, but a high score in Sonic usually equals extra lives (every 100,000 points in Sonic 1, every 50,000 points in games after it)


[edit] Scoring Criterias

Note this is just a standard scoring criteria sheet, some games may have other ways of gaining points.

[edit] Destroying Badniks

Sonic gains 100 points every time he destroys a badnik. If he kills the badniks consecutively, the score doubles until it reaches 1,600 points. Destroying 10 in a chain means you recieve 10,000 points, though this is rare in a lot of Sonic games. An exploit in Launch Base Zone in Sonic 3 enables Sonic to continuously spindash near an alarm, eventually racking up huge points as bird badniks swoop down to attack him.

Sonic recieves 1,000 points for destroying Dr. Robotnik's Egg Mobile at the end of every zone.

[edit] End Of Levels

Sonic gains 100 points for every ring he holds at the end of every act. In addition, you are offered points on how quick you have completed the act:

  • Game clock reads 0:29 or less = 50,000
  • Game clock reads 0:30 to 0:44 = 10,000
  • Game clock reads 0:45 to 0:59 = 5000
  • Game clock reads 1:00 to 1:29 = 4000
  • Game clock reads 1:30 to 1:59 = 3000
  • Game clock reads 2:00 to 2:59 = 2000
  • Game clock reads 3:00 to 3:59 = 1000
  • Game clock reads 4:00 to 4:59 = 500
  • Game clock reads 5:00 or more = 0
  • Game clock reads 9:59 = 50,000

Some games also include a Perfect Bonus where if every ring (bar ring monitors) is collected, you recieve a 50,000 points bonus.

[edit] Pinball Bumpers

As a general rule, Sonic gains 10 points for hitting a pinball bumper. Some zones with pinball elements also include other ways of gaining points.

[edit] Special Stages

A 10,000-point bonus is awarded by getting enough rings for the Emerald, or if you manage to collect the Emerald in the stage.

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