Apotos is the first Country in Sonic Unleashed and is based off of Greece. The Act for this country is called Windmill Isle in the English version of the game, while in the Japanese Version, it is known as White Island.

In the Xbox 360/PS3 version, on the World Map, it says: A lovely ocean backdrop marks this port town, the start of Sonic's adventure.

[edit] Story

After falling from space, Sonic and the Chaos Emeralds are suddenly stopped in mid-air by some unknown force. However, as soon as Sonic wakes up, he continues to fall and lands face first into the ground.

After pulling himself up, he finds Chip, who discovers he can't remember anything (Sonic thinks his fall from space might have given Chip amnesia). Sonic also takes notice of the fact that he has changed into the Werehog. Unsure about what's going on, Sonic decides to first help Chip find anyone who knows him and help him get his memory back. As soon as the sun comes up, Sonic changes back into his regular form.

As they walk into the Apotos Town Stage, Sonic and Chip meet an Ice Cream Vendor who claims his ice cream is the best in the world as he shows off his Chocolate Chip Sundae Supreme. After finding out that Chip likes sweet things, Sonic gives him the nickname Chip based off the Chocolate Chip Sundae Supreme. Happy about his new nickname, Chip then follows Sonic as they go around looking for answers.

Unfortunately, after searching all Day they return to the Town Stage without finding anyone who knows or recognizes Chip. As it gets darker and the street-lights turn on, Sonic suddenly transforms back into the Werehog, discovering that Sonic only transforms at Night. They also return to the Ice Cream Man and find him acting differently. While talking to him, Chip accidentally knocks over the Ice Cream Cone and Sonic stretches out his arm to catch it.

Later, they find out that some of the Townspeople have seen Tails, so Sonic and Chip go off to find him and save him from a group of Dark Gaia's Minions. After saving him, Tails suggests that they head for Spagonia to meet Professor Pickle. So, Sonic, Tails, and Chip hop onto the Tornado-1 and fly to Spagonia.

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