Asteroid Coaster

Asteroid Coaster
Asteroid Coaster.jpg
Appearance(s)Sonic Colors
Level TypeSpace/Factory
Boss(es)Frigate Skullian
Preceded bySweet Mountain, or Starlight Carnival(depending on player's choice)
Proceeded byPlanet Wisp, Aquarium Park or Terminal Velocity(depending on player's choice)

Asteroid Coaster is one of the latter stages in Sonic Colors and is unlocked by completing both Sweet Mountain and Starlight Carnival. The stage takes place in an asteroid field. This stage has Sonic traversing through gravity sections, small planets, a factory with green acid pools, and riding high speed roller coasters. The Wisp introduced in this stage is the Purple Wisp, a Wii version exclusive, granting Sonic the Frenzy ability.


[edit] Wii Version

[edit] Act 1

Asteroid Coaster Act 1

The Act begins with Sonic riding a roller coaster through an asteroid field in space. Shortly after, he must jump through the rainbow rings, which launches Sonic into a factory area inside the asteroid. In this area, Sonic will be introduced to the Purple Wisp, which gives Sonic the Frenzy ability, allowing him to go berserk and destroy everything in his path.

After getting past more enemies and bottomless pits, he will be launched onto another roller coaster. This time, the roller coaster is heading straight into a bottomless pit, therefore Sonic must quickly jump onto the adjacent roller coaster. Near the end of the path, Sonic can either ride the roller coaster through another small factory area, or jump off and use the fans to float to the top of the structure, then proceed through the factory on foot.

When Sonic appears outside the factory, he will have to Home Attack a series of asteroids and cross the outer rings of small planets before reaching one last factory area. This time, the gravity has flipped Sonic upside down, and now the blue hedgehog must carefully make his way across a series of platforms. The gravity will return to normal, once Sonic reaches the end of the room. Finally, he must use his Homing Attack on another series of asteroids before reaching the Goal Ring.

[edit] Act 2

Asteroid Coaster Act 2

This Act begins with Sonic making his way to the top of a tower like structure. There's a section in the beginning where you can use the Purple Wisp to plow through the many enemies and black blocks. Sonic also have to avoid traps, such as yellow platforms that disappear after briefly standing on it, and walls from the background that will push Sonic off the stage.

Once he reach the top of the tower, Sonic will have to Home Attack many asteroids to reach a factory, inside an asteroid, where he must use the Purple Wisp to break the blue pillars in order to progress. Finally, Sonic must head through a section where the gravity will shift Sonic upside down, while avoiding the walls that can push you off screen. The Goal Ring will appear at the end.

[edit] Act 3

Asteroid Coaster Act 3

This is a short Act that takes place inside of an asteroid factory. The Goal Ring is nearby, but is currently not accessible. Sonic must head to the right while avoiding Eggman's robots. Sonic will encounter a yellow spring, which he must use to move to the right. While he is repeatedly bouncing on the yellow spring, Sonic will encounter the wall traps that first appeared in the previous Act. Sonic must use the Stomp ability, so he can bounce high enough to avoid the walls pushing him off screen. At the end of the path, Sonic can grab either the Blue or Pink Wisp and head back to now access the Goal Ring.

[edit] Act 4

Asteroid Coaster Act 4

This is a very short Act that has Sonic running on the outer ring of a small planet. As he's running, many Motobugs will appear to try to take down Sonic. He can simply defeat them by boosting or quick stepping into them. There are no Wisps present in this Act, except the common normal Wisp, that gives you Boost power. There's a switch towards the outer end of the ring, which will cause the Goal Ring to appear. Don't hit the switch too early if you're attempting to collect all of the Red Rings.

[edit] Act 5

Asteroid Coaster Act 5

This is another short Act that takes place inside of the factory. Sonic must begin by standing on the switches, that rotates the orange barriers, allowing you to progress. There will be a section where you are required to use the Purple Wisp to destroy enemies and other obstacles. Immediately after, you must use the Cyan Wisp to reach the area above. Finally, you must use the Purple Wisp to get rid of everything in your path once more. The Goal Ring will appear shortly after you've cleared the area.

[edit] Act 6

Asteroid Coaster Act 6

The stage begins similarly to Act 1, in which Sonic is riding a roller coaster, but there are multiple tracks which give Sonic the opportunity to switch to different roller coasters. Afterwards, Sonic will be sent inside the large asteroid nearby. He will free fall inside while having to avoid the spiked balls.

The stage will shift to 2D, where Sonic must use the platforms and ride them to the other end, while avoiding spikes. There are also small underwater sections, which he must get through, one in particular using the Purple Wisp. The stage will briefly shift back to 3D, where Sonic must use the Purple Wisp multiple times to plow through all of the obstacles blocking his path.

Near the end, the stage will once again shift back to 2D, where Sonic must take out a robot. The robot is surrounded by a shield with gaps in between and can generated a spatial rift, which can grab a hold of Sonic. Sonic must use the Homing Attack at the right time to hit the robot and not the shield surrounding him. The shield rotates faster around the robot after each hit. Repeat two more times to defeat it.

Finally, a trap door from below will open, allowing Sonic to fall through and reach the Goal Ring.

[edit] Boss Battle

Frigate Skullian

The boss of the Asteroid Coaster is the Frigate Skullian, which plays out similarly to Starlight Carnival's boss, Frigate Orcan. This warship acts more aggressive than the previous boss. Sonic is running on a pink energy path and must approach the warship, so he can use multiple Homing Attacks on the different machine parts. This warship has the ability to teleport and use portals to launch asteroids toward Sonic. It will also drop spikes from its cargo, which Sonic must avoid, as well as the Orange Wisp capsule, which Sonic can grab. When the stage shifts into 2D, Sonic can use the Orange Wisp, when he's underneath the warship, to deal heavy damage.

[edit] DS Version

[edit] Act 1

This Act is different from the Wii version, in that the Act has more of a rocky feel. There are no sections in which you'll be in space. There are numerous obstacles, which Sonic must avoid such as spikes, and toxic green pools, which results in instant death if touched. The only similarity this Act, or the entire stage have with the Wii version, is that Sonic must ride the roller coasters to progress. This Act introduces the Violet Wisp, allowing Sonic to move in a form of a black hole that engulfs everything in it's path.

[edit] Act 2

Act 2 is similarly designed like Act, but with much more obstacles and more emphasis on the Violet Wisp. This Wisp must be used to carefully cross the many toxic pools. While riding the roller coasters, Sonic must avoid the large skull that is moving along with him, in the background.

[edit] Boss Battle

Frigate Skullian (DS)

As with the Wii version, the boss is Frigate Skullian, an upgraded version of Frigate Orcan. The warship will attempt to slam a meteor on the ground, which Sonic can boost into, causing the meteor to drop some of the boxes which contains the Violet Wisp, which can be used to deal damage. At times, the ship will lower itself, allowing you to attack its core. If you boost into the device that fires lasers, the device will aim upwards and destroy another box holding a Violet Wisp, which Sonic can use to finish off and even engulf the warship.

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