Babylon Rogues

Babylon Rogues
Babylon Rogues.jpg
The Babylon Rogues, Jet (left), Storm (middle), and Wave (right)
MembersJet the Hawk
Storm the Albatross
Wave the Swallow
First AppearanceSonic Riders

The Babylon Rogues made their debut in Sonic Riders and have appeared in all three games in the Sonic Riders series. They are a group of thieves determined to raise the Babylon Garden using the Chaos Emeralds. The group is made up of Jet the Hawk, Storm the Albatross, and Wave the Swallow. Jet is the leader of the group, and Storm and Wave try to listen to him, but Wave does not obey him well. In Sonic Riders, they are experts with Extreme Gear, and they come in at the beginning of the hero story and steal the Chaos Emeralds. In Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity they still remain rivals to Sonic and his friends.

[edit] Group Appearances

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