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Biolizard is a creature that makes an appearance in the Last Story, as the penultimate boss of Sonic Adventure 2. The creature appears as a large lizard with tubes extending from its back to the sides of its mouth. Shadow is the character used to battle this boss.


[edit] History

Fifty years ago, the Biolizard was a project that was intended to create the ultimate lifeform. It was developed aboard the Space Colony ARK by Professor Gerald Robotnik, as the first step to discovering immortality. The Biolizard was shown to have regenerating abilities, although it needed a life support system to remain in order to sustain itself. Eventually, it became violent and difficult to control, therefore the GUN organization appeared and had the project shut down and encapsulated, although it costed most of their lives.

[edit] Game Appearances

[edit] Sonic Adventure 2

In the Last Story, when Dr. Eggman placed all seven Chaos Emeralds inside of the Eclipse Cannon on the Space Colony ARK, it activate a program created by Gerald Robotnik, which puts the ARK on a crash course to the Earth. Sonic and everyone else attempts to deactivate the Chaos Emeralds using Knuckles Master Emerald, which leads to the final stage of the game Cannon's Core.

Upon completing that stage, Sonic and Knuckles reach the core, where the Biolizard awakens, blocking their path to the Emerald Shrine. After talking to Shadow, Amy finally convinces him to save the Earth, and Shadow meets up to take on the Biolizard, while he tells Sonic and Knuckles to stop the Chaos Emeralds, leading to the boss battle.

[edit] Boss Battle

Biolizard Black Spheres

The battle takes place in a toroid shaped arena, with the Biolizard in the center. There's a stream which splits the toroid in two. Shadow must be careful not to fall in the stream or he will be swept away, instantly losing a life.

For the first hit, Shadow must first avoid the Biolizard, who's trying to bite him with his mouth or strike him with its tail, depending on where Shadow is located. When he stops to gather his breath, Shadow must grind the rail leading to the life support system, and use the Homing Attack, as that is its weakpoint.

For the second and third hits, Shadow will have to avoid the Biolizard's mouth and tail once more. When the creature stops, it will start to launch large black spheres, which homes in on Shadow. Shadow must either roll under or jump over those spheres. Afterwards, he can grind on the rail, attack the creatures weak point once again.

Biolizard Pink Eggs

For the fourth and fifth hits, he will do the same attacks, except that the black spheres will be launched at a quicker rate. Afterwards, the Biolizard will launch out pink egg like objects that surround its body. Shadow must home attack the pink eggs to gain enough height in order to strike the weak point.

After the fifth hit, the Biolizard will generate the pink eggs once more and will gain the ability to control gravity. Shadow will end up floating along with the pink spheres. He must maneuver his way through the spheres to reach the life support system and strike it one last time to defeat it.

[edit] Sonic Generations

Biolizard 3DS Version

The Biolizard also makes an appearance in the 3DS version of Sonic Generations as the boss of the Dreamcast Era. Modern Sonic is used to fight this boss. The battle itself played out very similar to the original game, except that it takes eight hits to defeat it and it's fought on a 2D plane.

[edit] Other Appearances

[edit] Sonic X

The Biolizard also makes an appearance as a villain in the animated series Sonic X, which had an arc that was adapting the Sonic Adventure 2 story line. The creature's looks resembles his game appearances. His role plays out similarly to the game, in which Shadow is the character who defeats it.

[edit] Trivia

  • At an early stage in developement when only Sonic, Knuckles and Eggman were playable, Knuckles did battle with Biolizard in the original fight, how he would do this is still unknown.
  • Biolizard's panther-like roar is the same one used by Perfect Chaos and Devil Doom.
  • There are several glitches that cause instant death, usually by falling into water while Shadow can't be controlled. However, these glitches are fixed in the Gamecube release as Shadow's falling path is set to land at several select points.
  • A trick can be performed whenever Biolizard uses his egg attack (even in zero-gravity, albeit much harder as one must stand at the absolute edge of the life support system) by charging a Light Speed Attack. Shadow will dash at random through several eggs, and, if done right, damage Biolizard with almost no effort. It seems this was put in on purpose, as the time before Biolizard fire the first egg is just long enough to charge the attack. Although it looks quite impressive, it is usually an avoided tactic as it isn't very safe and will fail if certain eggs are fired. To harm Biolizard using this tactic, one must stand close to his head or tail when they unleash the attack, otherwise they will simply destroy all the eggs on one side and have to wait through another attack cycle.

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