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[edit] Basics

Chao Gardens are serene areas inhabited by little creatures called Chao. Chao Gardens are from Sonic Adventure, Sonic Adventure 2, Sonic Adventure DX, and Sonic Adventure 2 Battle, Sonic Chronicles, the Sonic Comics, and Sonic X.

Chao Gardens are homes for chao which means they have to have a water source, and must be kept very clean. This is why chao gardens tend to be find far out in the wild away form civilization.

[edit] Games Involving Chao Gardens

[edit] Sonic Adventure/Sonic Adventure DX

The Chao Gardens here are located in one of the buildings in Station Square, Mystic Ruin and Egg Carrier. All the Chao Gardens have access to water and food. There was also a doorway to the race stages and a machine for transferring Chao to the Dreamcast's VMU unit so that the Chao can play Chao Adventure, a small mini game to earn stats and fruit. Also each chao garden can be reached from the other chao gardens. In each garden there are two eggs which can be hatched and raised as your very first chao.

In the remake of Sonic Adventure for the Gamecube the chao garden was given much more. For instance, you can interact more with the chao, see their stats, they added the GBA link option, and they can change in appearance.

[edit] The Gardens

  • Station Square - This garden is the simplest, it has a small water pool with a fountain in the middle. This is the garden where you can get to the chao races and the Black Market. You get to this garden from the other gardens or by entering the hotel and using the left elevator.
  • Mystic Ruins - This is a very large and complex garden. It has stone relics and a small platform in the middle of a lake. It also has a waterfall. This garden is reached by going behind Tails' laboratory and taking the mining cart in the cave.
  • Egg Carrier - This garden is simply an island that is completely surrounded by water. This one tends to have the problem of animals escaping the boundaries and getting stuck. To find it, go inside the Egg Carrier and go to the door with the buttons in front. Step on the buttons to spell out "Eggman", and then go in the door and use the teleporter to reach the garden.

[edit] Sonic Adventure 2/Sonic Adventure 2 Battle

To access the chao world in this game you have to find the chao key inside a chao box. Then when you complete the level you will appear in the neutral garden. Like the other games this garden has two eggs in it. But this game also has chao races, chao karate, a school, Black Market, fortune teller (makes names), and a doctor. In this game you can also unlock a Hero Garden by raising a chao into a hero chao and a Dark Garden by raising a chao into a dark chao.

[edit] The Gardens

  • Neutral Garden - A simple and peaceful looking Garden. The garden has a grassy area, with cliffs for the chao, a waterfall and a lake. This is also the garden where a well known glitch occurs. By jumping on the cliff with a bush as Sonic you can use homing attack into the boundary and after a few times you break through it. This is the garden where you find Chao Races and Chao Karate in a place Chao Stadium. This one is unlocked as soon as you get a Chao Key and finish the level you found it on.
  • Hero Garden - Another peaceful Garden. To unlock this garden you must raise a Chao into a Hero Chao. It has a small broken castle your Chao can fly from, a fountain and huge pool that your Chao uses to swim in, and a few broken pillars, one of which is home of another glitch the makes your chao stuck as it turns around and around. This garden is sometimes described called Chao Heaven.
  • Dark Garden - It has some graves and steel fences on some of the edges. It also has a tree with a cage hanging from it where you can put your Chao (it can, however, escape). The pool in this garden is a pool of red liquid, probably intended as blood. There is a small island on the other side of the "blood". There is also a mountainous region outside of the actual Dark Garden. A Dark Chao is needed to unlock this garden. Sometimes referred to as Chao Hell.

[edit] Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood

This game has a very different chao garden. In this game you don't raise and interact with chao. Instead this chao garden is there to tell you all the different chao you have found, to trade chao with friends and to attach chao to characters to make them better.

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