Chief Kordon

Chief Kordon
Chief Kordon, with Sonic and Tails
First AppearanceSonic the Comic #20

Chief Kordon is a character who exists in the Sonic the Comic continuity.

Chief Kordon is a resident of the Hill Top Zone and the leader of a group of villagers who live there, near the base of a volcano they call the Mountain of Destiny. The Chief called upon the aid of Sonic and Tails when the volcano started to become active suddenly and they were forced to leave their village as, when the volcano erupts, it will destroy their village. They believe the reason for this is that the Gods are angry with them, but in the end it turns out the sudden activity from the volcano was caused by Dr. Robotnik's Seismatron machine.

The volcano did eventually erupt, and Chief Kordon had believed that Sonic had failed to save them, but at the last moment Sonic, as Super Sonic, cooled the erupting lava and transformed the cooled rock into a statue of himself, saving the village in the process.

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