Egg Dragoon

Egg Dragoon
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Appearance(s)Sonic Unleashed
Sonic Generations

Egg Dragoon is Dr. Eggman's final machine and the penultimate boss that is fought in Sonic Unleashed. It's the most powerful machine that Dr. Eggman has created in the game. This boss is the only time you battle Eggman in Sonic's Werehog form.


[edit] Game Apperances

[edit] Sonic Unleashed

Egg Dragoon Boss Battle

After completing Eggmanland, Sonic(in Werehog form) and Chip reached an area that leads to the planet's core. Dr. Eggman surprises the two and introduces his newest creation, the Egg Dragoon(piloted by Eggman), which was created by harnessing Dark Gaia's power. He strikes the platform that Sonic is standing on, causing him to fall onto another platform below, leading to its boss battle.

The battle takes place on a round platform. The Egg Dragoon has a variety of attacks such as a lightning swipe from a drill, a cannon that launches energy blasts, an ice bomb, and homing missiles. After one of the attack, Sonic will get the opportunity to attack the weak point, which is the glowing orb at the bottom of the machine. At some point, Sonic must perform Quick Time Events, which will deal more damage to Eggman. Afterwards, Eggman will destroy the platform that Sonic was standing on, leaving him to free fall onto the next platform. Repeat the process two more times to defeat him.

[edit] Sonic Generations

The Egg Dragoon reappears in Sonic Generations as the boss of the Modern Era. This boss battle is played out in a completely different way from the original game, due to the Werehog not being playable and is of a different play style. Modern Sonic is used to take on the boss.

Egg Dragoon (Sonic Generations)

Egg Dragoon has some new attacks such as, launching lasers, firing ice shards at Sonic while he's running, and his drill, which he tosses at Sonic occasionally. While in 3D, touching the Dash Pad will launch Sonic onto the grind rails, which allows him to get in range and use the Homing Attack to land a hit. In 2D, Eggman will launch ice shards, which Sonic must jump over. To damage him, while in 2D, you must wait until Eggman puts out two walls to trap and crush Sonic. In this case, Sonic must wall jump out of that area, while avoiding the ice ball that's falling from above. Once Sonic reaches the top, he will get the opportunity to strike him with the Homing Attack. There will also be cases in which Sonic can attack Eggman while freefalling. Deal enough damage to defeat the Egg Dragoon.

[edit] Trivia

  • The Wii and Playstation 2 versions of the Egg Dragoon lacks the Quick Time Events of the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 versions.
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