Errol Blackthorn

Errol Blackthorn
Errol, meeting Tails
FamilySister: Morain Blackthorn
First AppearanceSonic the Comic #18

Errol Blackthorn is a fox warrior who exists in the Sonic the Comic continuity.

[edit] History

Errol is a fox and resident of the Nameless Zone and described by the Enchanter Kings as one of their bravest fox warriors who also has an extensive knowledge of the Land Beyond. He is called upon by the Enchanter Kings to accompany Tails into the Land Beyond on a mission to rescue the missing Enchanter King, Shirob. At first Errol isn't particularly impressed when he meets Tails due to his short size, but goes along with him anyway. During their mission Tails confides in Errol that he exaggerated his abilities in his letters to his family, but Errol agrees to keep Tails' secret.

He has a sister, Morain, who is also a skilled fox warrior.

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