Evil Foundry

Evil Foundry
Evil Foundry.png
Appearance(s)Sonic and the Secret Rings
Level TypeFactory
Preceded byDinosaur Jungle
Proceeded byLevitated Ruins

Evil Foundry is the third stage of Sonic and the Secret Rings. This stage is set at a factory that's filled with pits of fire and lava.


[edit] Plot

Sonic and Shahra encounter the Erazord Djinn once again, where he summons the Ifrit Golem. Sonic attempts to battle the creature, but is unable to damage it, therefore he and Shahra retreats until they find the solution.

When Sonic and Shahra eventually return with the World Ring from Pirate Storm, they use the ring's power to weaken it. A boss battle occurs, where Sonic finishes off the creature. After defeating the Ifrit, a time bomb activates, which leads to Sonic and Shahra rushing out of the factory. Once they get outside, the bomb explodes and reveals the World Ring of the Evil Foundry.

[edit] Missions

[edit] Go for the Goal

  • Head for the Center.

Sonic must travel through a fiery factory that's filled with many obstacles, such as spikes and many spinning blades. Also, there are many lava pits, which Sonic must avoid falling into. Most of the lava pits must be crossed by using the Homing Attack on the enemies or the objects that are suspended in the air. Sonic gains the Time Break and Speed Break abilities after completing this stage.

[edit] Diehard Challenge

  • Don't get defeated.

Sonic begins near the midpoint of the stage and must simply reach the goal while avoiding the same obstacles, the spikes, spinning blades, and flame pillars. Sonic is required to use Time Break to make it through the spinning blades.

[edit] Hands Off

  • Finish with 0 rings.

Sonic begins near the end of the stage and he must reach the goal with no rings. You can collect rings along the way, but you must purposely take damage to lose your rings. Throughout the stage are countless rings that are difficult to avoid. You will fail the mission if you reach the goal with a ring.

[edit] Head to Head

  • Beat Uhu to the Goal.

Just like the previous Worlds, Sonic must race Uhu to the Goal. This race takes place around the lava pits of Evil Foundry.

[edit] Beat the Clock

  • Find the exit in time.

After defeating the Ifrit, a time bomb was triggered, so Sonic decided to rush outside the factory to let the bomb explode in the open. This stage is unique in that you begin at the end of the stage and must run back to the very beginning of the stage.

[edit] Stealth Attack

  • Don't defeat enemies.

Sonic must make his way to the goal without defeating enemies. There's a section where you must carefully use the launcher hoop to shoot yourself to the other side without hitting the enemy along the way.

[edit] Hands Off

  • Finish with 0 rings.

Sonic must once again make his way to the goal without holding any rings. This stage is very short. It's a small straightway that consists of spikes and following that are rings, which Sonic must jump over.

[edit] Perfect Challenge

  • Don't take damage.

This stage is very short and Sonic must make it to the goal while avoiding the many spikes that move in arbitrary patterns. Getting hit once will cause you to fail the mission.

[edit] Rampage

  • Defeat 20 enemies.

Sonic begins near the midpoint of the stage and he must simply defeat 20 enemies to clear the mission. Some of the enemies require Sonic to Home Attack the explosive containers, which sends them towards the enemies, as well as the launcher hoops, which shoots you towards them.

[edit] Collect Rings

  • Collect 99 rings.

There are many obstacles that can get in your way as you're collecting rings. Most of the rings are on the rails, therefore Sonic is required to grind on the different rails to collect the rings. There are the occasional silver rings, worth 20 rings, which you can collect.

[edit] Perfect Challenge

  • Don't take damage.

This stage is very short. Sonic begins by running in a narrow hallway, where he must avoid spikes, spiked balls, and spinning blades. At the end, Sonic must carefully launch himself to the goal, without touching the suspended spiked ball, using the launcher hoops.

[edit] Chain of Rings

  • Get a 50 ring combo.

Sonic must simply chain 50 rings together. He can't go a long time without collecting a ring otherwise the chain will break and Sonic must collect 50 rings once again.

[edit] Defeat the Boss

  • Battle the Ifrit Golem.

This boss battle takes place on a platform that's surrounded by a pool of lava and occasionally the lava will rise.

You have to attack its hands once they glow, otherwise it will go dim and you must wait until it glows again. After you attack both hands, the Ifrit will sink it's body into the lava. The lava itself will rise as well. Sonic must make his way to the Ifrit directly by using the platforms that are still above the lava. He must Home Attack to cross the pit of lava. Once he gets close to the Ifrit, he must use the Homing Attack on the creature's head, which is the weak point.

The Ifrit will launch lasers from its eyes and when it's sunk into the lava, it will launch explosive containers towards Sonic, which he must avoid.

You can get as much as 3 Homing Attacks on the Ifrit before the process repeats. If you manage to use Speed Break towards him, it will count as 3 hits.

Hit the Ifrit 9 times to defeat it.

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