Final Chase

Final Chase
Final Chase.png
Appearance(s)Sonic Adventure 2
Level TypeSpace
Boss(es)Sonic (after Final Chase)
Preceded byCosmic Wall
Proceeded byNone

Final Chase is the fourth and final stage played as Shadow, as well as the fourteenth and final stage of the Dark Story in Sonic Adventure 2. The stage takes place outside of the Space Colony ARK.

Shadow discovers that Rouge is working as a spy for the government and that she plans to take the Chaos Emeralds for herself. She then reveals to Shadow that he may not be the ultimate life form. Dr. Eggman interrupts their conversation and states that someone is heading towards the Eclipse Cannon. Shadow decides to head to that location as well to stop the intruder.

[edit] Gameplay

This is the final Speed stage that has Shadow traversing through space. As with Sonic's final stage, Final Rush, Shadow will be grinding rails for the majority of the time to reach different areas of the ARK. Also, throughout this stage are gravity pillars that allow you to walk on them. Occasionally, there will be meteors that will fall towards you. Lastly, Shadow is introduced to the Artificial Chaos, which can easily be defeated by using the Homing Attack. Overall, the stage is structured similarly to Final Rush, minus the gravity pillars.

After completing the stage, Shadow realizes that Sonic is the intruder and has one final confrontation along the Space Colony ARK. After the battle, it's shown the Dr Eggman has obtained all seven Chaos Emeralds and is putting them into the Eclipse Cannon. Moments later, the monitor displays a 'WARNING' sign, and the Dark Story suddenly ends.

This leads to the Last Story of Sonic Adventure 2.

[edit] Upgrade

The upgrade for Shadow on this stage is the Mystic Melody, which allows Shadow to access hidden areas. It's also required to do Mission 3 of each stage, in you must locate the hidden Chao. After the 3rd checkpoint, it's on a higher platform that's accessible from one of the gravity pillars.

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