Final Egg

Final Egg
Final Egg.png
Appearance(s)Sonic Adventure
Level TypeIndustrial
Boss(es)Sonic: Egg Viper
Amy: Zero
Preceded bySonic: Lost World
Amy: Hot Shelter
Gamma: None
Proceeded bySonic: None
Amy: None
Gamma: Emerald Coast

Final Egg is a stage that appears in Sonic Adventure and it takes place at a base located near the jungle area of the Mystic Ruins. The first section takes place in the base's mechanical area, while the second section takes place further deep inside of the base. Sonic, Amy, and Gamma are the only characters who has access to this stage.


[edit] Gameplay

[edit] Sonic

This is Sonic's final stage and he proceeds through both sections. The first section is filled with an enormous amount of Eggman's robots. Also, there are many obstacles and traps that can hinder you, such as spiked balls, lasers, and large mechanical arms. After getting through that section, Sonic will end up further inside the base. The next section has a larger emphasis on platforming, as Sonic must proceed by using the small moving platforms. Also, Sonic must use the fans to progress through the stage. At the end, Sonic will ride an elevator to the deepest part of the base and must proceed through more corridors before reaching the goal.

[edit] Amy

This is also Amy's final stage and she only proceeds through the first section. Her section is similar to Sonic's first section, in that she must get through the same obstacles. There is another area, exclusive to Amy, which involve 5 random doors. Four of the five doors are dead ends and the correct door leads to more corridors, which she must proceed through before reaching the goal.

[edit] Gamma

This is Gamma's first stage and it's very short. This stage is set by Dr.Eggman as a tutorial for Gamma. He must get through a brief section. destroying the Tails and Knuckles dolls, which adds time to the clock. At the end, Sonic's doll is shown from a distance and Gamma must lock onto it and shoot it a few times in order to clear the stage.

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