Final Rush

Final Rush
Final Rush.png
Appearance(s)Sonic Adventure 2
Level TypeSpace
Boss(es)Shadow (after Final Rush)
Preceded byCrazy Gadget
Proceeded byNone

Final Rush is the sixth and final stage played as Sonic, as well as the sixteenth and final stage of the Hero Story in Sonic Adventure 2. This stage takes place outside of the Space Colony ARK.

After Dr. Eggman realized that Sonic was holding the fake Chaos Emerald, he enclosed him inside of a capsule and sent him flying through space. Right before the capsule exploded, Sonic managed to use Chaos Control with the fake Chaos Emerald, to teleport him aboard the ARK although, Tails and Amy believes the explosion killed Sonic. Afterwards, Tails confronted Eggman one last time and successfully defeated him.

Meanwhile, Sonic runs into Knuckles after teleporting. He tells him that he's going to continue with the plan of switching the fake Chaos Emerald with the real one and sets off to the Eclipse Cannon.

[edit] Gameplay

This is the final Speed stage and it has Sonic traversing through space, outside of the Space Colony ARK, where below, the entire Planet Earth can be seen. There's very large emphasis on rail grinding, as the rails are necessary to progress through the majority of the stage. There are some rails with green 'X's at the end, which allow you to do a trick when you jump off. The rails with the red 'X's are dead ends and you're required to jump off or switch rails, or you'll fall into the atmosphere, instantly losing a life. There's also an emphasis on platforming, as there is a portion of the stage, in which you're climbing to the top using the small blue platforms. Also, in this stage are areas where you travel through the interior of the ARK, most notably at the end, where Sonic must run down a sleep slope while avoiding large debris from the ARK. Sonic will reach the Goal Ring afterwards.

After completing the stage, Sonic battles Shadow, who's trying to prevent Sonic from reaching the Eclipse Cannon. After he defeats Shadow, Sonic finally reaches the cannon. Tails speaks on the phone, mentioning that he defeated Eggman. Sonic responds back, praising him, which surprises Tails and Amy as they thought Sonic was killed. Tails and Amy look outside to see Sonic hanging onto the tip of the cannon, smiling at them, thus concluding the Hero Story

[edit] Upgrade

The final upgrade for Sonic is in this stage, which is the Mystic Melody. Near the halfway mark, there are many alternative paths for Sonic to take. The path to the right will lead you to this upgrade. This is required to complete Sonic's Mission 3 stages, in which he must find the hidden Chao.

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