Getting to Know You - Origins

Getting to Know You - Origins
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SeriesSonic Underground
Episode No.2
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Getting to Know You is the second episode in the Sonic Underground animated series, and the second of the three part Origins storyline. As the name of the episode suggests, this episode is mostly about the three siblings getting to know one another better.

[edit] Synopsis

The episode starts with Dr. Robotnik being frustrated with the lack of progress in capturing Queen Aleena's three children, and he sends Sleet and Dingo out to find them again. Meanwhile, Sonic, Sonia and Manic are preparing to leave and follow the map that the Oracle of Delphius gave to them in the previous episode. Before they can leave they are discovered by Sleet and Dingo who sends a robot in to get them. Whilst Sonic and Manic deal with the robot, they tell Sonia to hide in the basement, where she runs into Dingo who Sleet sent inside to hurry things along. Sonic and Manic manage to deactivate the robot, whilst Sonia tricks Dingo, who seems to be attracted to her, into thinking she will go along with him calmly to Robotnik if he goes into the basement tunnel to get her coat, then locks him in downstairs.

The three then leave whilst they can, going through the sewers much to Sonia's annoyance as she hates getting filthy. Despite the map getting destroyed in the earlier fighting Sonia's photographic memory comes to use as she can remember the route. They trek into the forest and are met by Gondarr, a huge, muscular man who says he has been sent by the Oracle to train them and help them uncover their hidden abilities. He works with Sonic to improve his speed and control, and teach him a spinning attack. Similarly he also teaches Sonia a spinning attack and also martial arts. Manic is slightly disheartened that he doesn't have much ability with physical attacks like his brother and sister, but he does improve his own skills by learning to throw his drumsticks like arrows.

Their training with Gondarr is soon complete, but before he can tell them where to head to next, Sleet and Dingo catch up with them in their ship. The three siblings are worried at first, but Gondarr shows how the forest has it's own natural defences and giant flowers from the trees spits a sticky liquid at the ship, causing them to abort their mission. He then gives the three a scroll which teleports them to their next trainer located at a floating temple in the sky.

Once they arrive they are greeted by a monk who begins their training, telling them to work as a team and facing them against a large monster. They quickly lose to the monster, which was actually a simulation, and berates them for not working together, especially Sonic whose impatience seemingly got them in trouble in the first place. Sonia and Manic come to Sonic's defence, saying that despite his impatience he has great bravery, which the monk compliments them on their ability to stand up for each other. The monk leaves them for the day, saying their training will resume tomorrow.

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