Heads or Tails

Heads or Tails
SeriesSonic the Hedgehog (SatAM)
Episode No.1
Previous EpisodeNone
Next EpisodeSonic Boom

Heads or Tails is the first episode in the Sonic the Hedgehog (SatAM) animated series. This is also the pilot episode.

[edit] Synopsis

The episode begins with Dr. Robotnik arriving back in Robotropolis after having been away. Once he returns he asks Snivley if there has been any progress on dealing with Sonic. Snivley doesn't have any news, but he has spotted Tails on one of the surveillance monitors, prompting Dr. Robotnik to send out some Buzz Bombers to go after Tails, hoping to flush out Sonic in the process.

Sonic is busy showing off a new song he's written to Rotor when they hear Tails yelling for help as a Buzz Bomber is chasing after him. Sonic is quickly able to save Tails and the two of them rejoin with Rotor and trade insults with Dr. Robotnik through one of his surveillance cameras. The three then head on back to Knothole where Princess Sally, Bunnie and Antoine are busy trying to improve their catapults. Sally and Rotor have an idea to strength their catapults, so ask Sonic to go into Robotropolis to locate some cotter pins, specifically ones made of metal so they will be stronger. So Sonic, Tails and Rotor go to get a Power Ring for Sonic for him to use if he needs it in Robotropolis.

On the way to Robotropolis Sonic runs into Tails who announces that he is on his way to the city as well, although Sonic tells him the city is far too dangerous for him. Tails does turn back but he says that he's a long way from Knothole and he might get eaten by a Buzz Bomber anyway, so Sonic agrees to take Tails with him, so long as he stays in his backpack.

Sonic and Tails arrive in Robotropolis and find some of the pins, and run into Muttski, Sonic's old dog which has since been roboticized. At first Muttski comes in to attack, but he briefly breaks his programming after Sonic tells him to sit and stay. They take the moment to ask if Muttski has seen Uncle Chuck anywhere, but he hasn't seen him, and the brief moment is over when the robot programming takes over again. They head further into the city and eventually end up in a vent above Dr. Robotnik's chamber where he is discussing his plan with Snively. He intends to send a fleet of Buzz Bombers into the forest and dump a chemical which will kill all of the trees and reveal Knothole's location. He also has a "hedgehog seeking missile" incase Sonic shows up. Whilst they're in the vent, Tails sneezes and causes them both to fall out of the vent into Dr. Robotnik's chamber, although, with the use of Power Ring, Sonic and Tails are able to escape.

Back in Knothole Sally and the others have made the adjustments to the catapults, and Sonic warns everyone about Dr. Robotnik's plan. They set up the catapults on the edge of the forest, but Sally admits that, whilst improved, their range still isn't very large. Sonic then decides to use himself as bait to draw in the Buzz Bombers closer to the catapults range and runs off, drawing in the Buzz Bombers like he intended and also luring the hedgehog seeking missile into crashing into the few Buzz Bombers holding onto the chemical, causing it to drop in a rocky area, away from the trees. Sally and the others then fend off the rest of the Buzz Bombers with the catapults until they eventually retreat. The village is saved and Snively is left baring the brunt of Dr. Robotnik's frustration at the failed plan.

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