Hidden Zone

Hidden Zone
First AppearanceSonic the Comic #12

The Hidden Zone is a zone which exists only in the Sonic the Comic continuity.

The zone was laid out somewhat like a desolate military base and was decorated with a large number of antenna, satellite dishes and large ornamental keys. It was also special in that the zone itself could not be detected by Dr. Robotnik due to it operating a large cloaking device. This kept the zone, and it's inhabitants, safe.

During issue #12, Sonic accidentally crash landed in the zone, which inadvertently revealed the zones location to Dr. Robotnik who then sent in a large badnik army to destroy the zone and capture the inhabitants. Sonic was able to fend off the badniks, but the zone was no longer a safe place to live in. The inhabitants of the zone abandoned the Hidden Zone and left to take up residence in the Emerald Hill Zone.

The zone was lead by Steve Owl, and other inhabitants included Sammy, Sammy and Benny.

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