Hyper Metal Sonic

Hyper Metal Sonic
Voice Actor(s)Masami Kikuchi (Japanese)
Gary Dehan (English)

Hyper Metal Sonic is a robot designed by Dr. Robotnik that features in Sonic the Hedgehog: The Movie and is based on Metal Sonic from games.

At the start of the movie Dr. Robotnik has almost finished creating his newest robot, the Hyper Metal Sonic, all it needs to be fully completed is the addition of Sonic's data. After luring Sonic, Tails and Knuckles into the Land of Darkness and copying Sonic's data, Hyper Metal Sonic is finally activated. After a brief fight, Hyper Metal Sonic believes he has killed Sonic and sets about the next step of Robotnik's plan, which is to destroy the Land of the Sky by causing havoc in the cities and destroying the glaciers which serve as the backbone of the land.

Whilst on his rampage, Hyper Metal Sonic arrives at Sonic's house where he runs into Old Man Owl. After trashing the place, he also gives the Owl Sonic's favourite clothes to wear, showing that as well as having Sonic's abilities he also has Sonic's memories.

Hyper Metal Sonic then travels to the glaciers, having pinpointed the locations he needs to destroy, but is soon caught up by Sonic who had survived their earlier fight. The two of them fight and slowly Hyper Metal Sonic manages to get the upper hand until Sara, Knuckles and Tails intervene. Tails uses a small device to overload Hyper Metal Sonic's circuits with Sonic's personality, causing him to short circuit and give Sonic enough time to launch another attack. Whilst they are fighting, the President and Old Man Owl arrive in the President's ship which crashes and lodges into one of the glaciers. The ship catches fire from the crash and the door becomes lodged meaning the pair can't escape, but, before it explodes, Hyper Metal Sonic manages to drag them both to safety. Just after helping them escape he is hit by falling rubble in the process and begins to slip into a pool of lava. Sonic attempts to save Hyper Metal Sonic but he rejects the help, telling him there should only be one Sonic and allows himself to be consumed by the lava.

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