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He is the great entity in Sonic the Hedgehog made of flames and lava, created as part of an accident during the Solaris Project. He has multiple forms throughout the game. At the start of the game Iblis is sealed within Princess Elise, but manages to escape and rampages across the world. In Silver and Blaze's timeline, Iblis has been running the planet for hundreds of years, completely devastating it. In the main timeline, Mephiles casus Elise to cry by killing Sonic, which is the cause of his release, Mephiles then merges with Iblis to form Solaris. After Iblis is defeated, Blaze absorbs him to seal him away, seemingly killing them both.

[edit] Iblis 1

In this form, Iblis appears as giant monster with four arms who fights against Silver and Blaze in the ruins of Crisis City. In this form Iblis is incredibly strong, being able to pick up and smash entire buildings.

[edit] Iblis 2

This form is portrayed as a giant worm with three claws by his mouth and an singular eye that opens up when you hit an orb. Either Sonic the Hedgehog or Shadow the Hedgehog fight him.

[edit] Iblis 3

This is the most human-like form, with two arms, two eyes, and claws. It has a PK marker on his head, which is its weak spot. This form is fought only by Silver The Hedgehog and Blaze the Cat.

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