Knuckles the Echidna (Movie)

Knuckles the Echidna
Voice Actor(s)Yasunori Matsumoto (Japanese)
Bill Wise (English)

This is Knuckles as he appears in Sonic the Hedgehog: The Movie. In the movie Knuckles is shown as a roaming treasure hunter.

Knuckles appears part the way through the movie after he hears the explosions from Robotropolis caused by Metal Robotnik fighting with Sonic and Tails. He goes to their aid and, between the three of them, they are able to defeat Metal Robotnik and Knuckles decides to tag along on their mission to switch off the Robot Generator.

Once they reach the generator and manage to deactivate it, the machine traps Sonic and copies his data, transferring it into the newly activated Hyper Metal Sonic. The robot and Sonic briefly fight, leaving Knuckles and Tails behind, Tails then takes Knuckles with him back to Sonic's house where he works on a small device to track Hyper Metal Sonic whilst Knuckles makes some repairs to the earlier damaged Tornado plane.

Once Tails and Knuckles have found Hyper Metal Sonic's location, the pair of them head there, which happens to be the glaciers. Knuckles has already deduced that the robot intends to puncture the magma tunnels that run in the glaciers, causing the backbone of the Land of the Sky to break which would cause the continents to be destroyed. Whilst Sonic and Hyper Metal Sonic are fighting again, Knuckles is encouraged by Sara by a kiss on his cheek to help divert the rupturing magma by digging tunnels to channel it away from the important points of the glacier.

As Hyper Metal Sonic and Sonic's fight comes to an end, Knuckles grabs onto Sonic in an attempt to stop Sonic from helping Hyper Metal Sonic out of the pool of magma he has fallen into, believing that the robot would pull Sonic in as well. However, Hyper Metal Sonic refuses help and lets himself be consumed by the magma. As the movie ends, Knuckles punches Sonic and runs off, claiming it was pay back for earlier when Sonic stepped on his head whilst he was fighting.

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