Little Planet

Little Planet
The Little Planet as it appears in the present
First Appearance inSonic the Hedgehog CD
Location TypePlanet

The Little Planet, sometimes referred to as the Miracle Planet, is a small planet that appears above the Never Lake for one month every year and then mysteriously disappears for the rest of the year. The planet is also home to the Time Stones which can be used to travel back and forth in time.


[edit] Appearances

[edit] Sonic the Hedgehog CD

The Little Planet in the "bad future" state
In its first appearance Dr. Robotnik has covered most of the planet in metal and his badniks by making use of the planet's unique Time Stones and travelling into the past. He also tethers the planet to the ground beside the Never Lake via a giant chain, presumably to prevent it from disappearing at the end of the month.

The Little Planet in the "good future" state
At the end of the game, if Sonic was unable to collect all the Time Stones, or travel to the past of each act and destroy Robotnik's machines, then the planet isn't freed from Dr. Robotnik's influence and remains under his control with the giant chain re-appearing. If Sonic however was able to collect all the Time Stones or destroy all the machines in the past, then the planet is freed of Dr. Robotnik's influence and disappears.

[edit] Zones

[edit] Sonic the Hedgehog 4

The Little Planet as seen in Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode II
The planet was seen again during Episode II of Sonic the Hedgehog 4 where once again Dr. Robotnik has covered the planet with his badniks and machinery, although this time with the intention of building a new Death Egg. This new Death Egg was built around the Little Planet, effectively trapping it within the hollow sphere of the new satellite.

[edit] Zones

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