Lost Colony

Lost Colony
Lost Colony.png
Appearance(s)Sonic Adventure 2
Level TypeAbandoned Colony
Preceded byEgg Quarters
Proceeded byWeapons Bed

Lost Colony is the sixth stage of the Dark Story and it's the third stage played as Dr. Eggman in Sonic Adventure 2. It takes place at the abandoned Space Colony ARK that was shut down 50 years ago.

After obtaining a Chaos Eamerald, Eggman decides to head to the control room on the Space Colony ARK in order to meet Shadow as they planned.

[edit] Gameplay

This is a Mech/Shooting stage that takes place entirely on the Space Colony ARK. Due to the area being abandoned, the majority of the stage will have Eggman progressing, while in the dark. There is an area that is nearly shaped like a maze. Eggman must jump on the right blocks in order to find the exit. Also, there are multiple occasions where Eggman must ride the elevator while shooting GUN forces, the most common enemies in the stage. Finally, there's green toxic liguid that must be avoided as well. The Goal Ring will be at the end after getting past the GUN forces.

[edit] Upgrade

The upgrade for Eggman in this stage is the Jet Engine, which allows you to hover over large distances. This ability is required to progress through this and future stages. It can be found in the maze like room.

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