Mad Space

Mad Space
Mad Space.png
Appearance(s)Sonic Adventure 2
Level TypeSpace
Boss(es)Knuckles (after Mad Space)
Preceded bySky Rail
Proceeded byCosmic Wall

Mad Space is the twelfth stage of the Dark Story and the fifth and final stage played as Rouge in Sonic Adventure 2. This stage takes place in space, outside of the Space Colony ARK.

Dr. Eggman tells Rouge that Sonic and his group has escaped to space, and she mentions that she'll stop them when they get there. She asks Eggman for the password to the control panel in the meantime. Once she obtains it, she access classified information on Project Shadow and realizes that he may not be the ultimate life form, which has her questioning who Shadow really is. Moments later, she sees that the remaining pieces of the Master Emerald are nearby, so she sets off to retrieve them.

[edit] Gameplay

This is the final Treasure Hunting stage which has Rouge locating the last Master Emerald pieces. The lower level of this stage consists of many small platforms scattered throughout the outskirts of the stage. Also the platform that Rouge begins at, allows you to use a rocket that takes you to one of three giant planets.

The first planet is in a spherical shape that has a gravity pull on its own. You must use the rocket on that planet to escape. The second planet is a large, green, meteorite-like planet does not have a gravity pull on the sides and bottom, but it does on the top portion of the planet. The final planet is a blue, bowl shaped planet that has no gravity pull.

Taking the rocket from the bowl shaped planet leads to the highest point of the stage, where you're on the exterior of the ARK.

One last thing about this stage, is that all hints to the Master Emerald piece locations are either spelled in reverse or are of the opposite meanings then originally stated.

[edit] Upgrade

The upgrade for Rouge in this stage is the Iron Boots, which gives her the opportunity to break iron crates. The upgrade is found on the spherical planet.

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