Manic the Hedgehog

Manic the Hedgehog
Sonic Underground D1-0.jpg
FamilyQueen Aleena (Mother)
Sonic the Hedgehog (Brother)
Sonia the Hedgehog (Sister)
Ferrell (Adoptive Father)
Uncle Chuck (Uncle)
Voice Actor(s)Jaleel White (English)
Tyley Ross (English, singing)
Megumi Ogata (Japanese)
First AppearanceBeginnings - Origins

Manic the Hedgehog is a character from the Sonic Underground animated series and the brother of Sonic and Sonia. As the child of Queen Aleena, he is also a Prince.

[edit] History

After receiving the prophecy from the Oracle of Delphius, Queen Aleena separated her three children from herself in order to keep them safe from Dr. Robotnik. Manic was left in a district of Robotropolis, but before the intended family could answer the door, a group of thieves took Manic in instead. He was cared for and raised by the group of thieves, mostly notably a thief named Ferrell who served in a way as Manic's foster father. He was taught all the skills needed to survive as a thief such as pickpocketing and lock-picking.

After reuniting with Sonic and Sonia the three team up to avenge their foster parents, who were subsequently all robotocised by Dr. Robotnik for their roles in sheltering the three of them, and also to locate their mother and reclaim the throne.

Within the group Manic plays the drums and, whilst his siblings generally disapprove of his thieving ways, his skills do prove useful.

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