Metal Harbor

Metal Harbor
Metal Harbor.png
Appearance(s)Sonic Adventure 2
Level TypeIndustrial
Preceded byPrison Lane
Proceeded byGreen Forest

Metal Harbor is the fourth stage of the Hero Story and the second stage played as Sonic in Sonic Adventure 2. This stages takes place at a military base on Prison Island, that's filled with GUN troops.

Amy spots Sonic in a prison cell and he wonders how she got in, which she explains that she caught a ride from Tails. Sonic mentioned that he was framed by someone who resembles him. Amy wonders if it could've been the black hedgehog, which interests Sonic. He eventually finds out from Amy on the location of Shadow and quickly escapes, which the GUN forces become aware of.

[edit] Gameplay

This is another Speed stage and it takes place at a military base, also on Prison Island. As Sonic is running through the base, he will cencounter more GUN forces, including large planes that attempt to launch bombs towards the blue hedgehog. Sonic must be careful no to fall into the water, which makes up the bottomless pits in this stage. Near the end, Sonic will reach a missile site, where he must find a spot on the mssile to grab onto before time expires and the missile launches. Finally, Sonic will jump off and launch into a tunnel and ride downwards on a board, leading to the Goal Ring

[edit] Upgrade

The upgrade on this stage is the Light Shoes, which allow Sonic to use the Light Speed Dash. It lets Sonic move across a trail of rings at lightning speeds. This ability is required to complete this and future stages.

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