Night Carnival

Night Carnival
Night Carnival.png
Appearance(s)Sonic Rush
Level TypeCarnival
Boss(es)Egg Libra
Preceded bySonic: Mirage Road
Blaze: None
Proceeded bySonic: Huge Crisis
Blaze: Leaf Storm

Night Carnival is the fourth zone for Sonic and the first zone for Blaze in Sonic Rush. This zone takes places at a carnival inside of a city.

[edit] Gameplay

Night Carnival has Sonic and Blaze progressing through a carnival that's filled with many neon lights. There are some areas, in which there are moving platforms made out of light, which the characters must use to cross large gaps. Throughout the stage are areas, in which the electricity is out. Sonic and Blaze must hit the switches, causing the lights to come on, as well as allow them to use the platforms to progress through the stage. Finally, there are areas, where the characters are running down a slope, escaping from the giant wheel behind them. Getting hit by the wheel will instantly kill you.

The boss of this zone is the Egg Libra.

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