Ocean Palace

Ocean Palace
Ocean Palace.png
Appearance(s)Sonic Heroes
Level TypeWater / Ancient Ruins
BossEgg Hawk
Preceded bySeaside Hill
Proceeded byGrand Metropolis

Ocean Palace is the second stage of Sonic Heroes and is a continuation of Seaside Hill. This stage have the teams going through a palace in the middle of the ocean. There are many stone structures and doors that will block your path, in which you must use the power characters to break through. With Team Sonic and Team Dark, they must escape the giant stone wheel that's chasing them near the end of the stage. All teams will battle Dr. Eggman in the Egg Hawk after this stage.


[edit] Team Sonic

  • Normal Mission - Escape from the ancient ruins.
  • Extra Mission - Get to the Goal Ring within 5 minutes.

[edit] Team Dark

  • Normal Mission - Flee from the ancient ruins.
  • Extra Mission - Defeat 100 enemies.

[edit] Team Rose

  • Normal Mission - Find the ruins floating on the sea.
  • Extra Mission - Collect 200 rings.

[edit] Team Chaotix

  • Normal Mission - Rescue the captured Chao
  • Extra Mission - Rescue the captured Chao without being detected by the enemies.
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