Porker Lewis (STC)

Porker Lewis
First AppearanceSonic the Comic 001

Porker Lewis is a pig whose design was based on the small animals that feature as prisoners inside badniks from the games. This is how he appears in the Sonic the Comic continuity.


[edit] History

He was introduced in the first issue, after being rescued from inside a Batbrain badnik by Sonic. Later he, along with Johnny Lightfoot, in Sonic the Comic #8 went along with Sonic and Tails travel to the Special Zone so that Sonic, with the aid of the Omni-Viewer, can show his friends how he turned blue and gained his speed. In the same issue the four of them were sent forward in time 6 months by Dr. Robotnik, during this time the planet was virtually entirely overthrown. Porker then joined up with Sonic as a member of his freedom fighting team.

[edit] Freedom Fighting

Porker Lewis, with Sonic, in STC #1
Porker is the most timid member of the Freedom Fighters group and often serves a more technical role such as maintaining the Kintobor computer, rather than literal fighting. He serves a supporting role throughout the series, aiding Sonic and the others in their fights with Dr. Robotnik.

[edit] Brotherhood of Metallix

During the Brotherhood of Metallix arc, Porker was trapped on the Miracle Planet for an entire month with the metallix. This proved a traumatic experience for Porker and, after being freed, he left Sonic's group and remained in the Mushroom Hill Zone on the Floating Island. Whilst there he would occasionally aid Knuckles.

[edit] Past

Originally Porker was from the Special Zone and lived under the name Oscar. But he was tricked by a crime lord by the name of Hammerhead into creating a bomb. After learning he was tricked and subsequently sabotaging in the bomb, he fled to Mobius to escape both the police and Hammerhead.

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