Prison Lane

Prison Lane
Prison Lane.png
Appearance(s)Sonic Adventure 2
Level TypeIndustrial
Boss(es)Dr. Eggman (before Prison Lane)
Preceded byWild Canyon
Proceeded byMetal Harbor

Prison Lane is the third stage of the Hero Story and the first stage played as Tails in Sonic Adventure 2. This stages takes place at a prison filled with many enemies from GUN.

Tails decides to fly over to Prison Island, after he realizes that Sonic has been falsely imprisoned at that location. As he reaches the location, he notices Amy with Dr. Eggman nearby. He attempts to stop Dr. Eggman from possibly harming her, which led to a boss battle with him. After defeating him, Dr. Eggman walks away, remarking that Tails won't get away so easily. Tails asks Amy to wait outside, while he goes inside the prison to rescue Sonic, but she decides to tag along anyway.

[edit] Gameplay

This is the first Mech/Shooting level and these type of levels require Tails to make his way to the goal while destroying as many enemies along the way. He must make his way through the prison, which is filled with GUN forces. There are some rooms which will require Tails to defeat in order for the door to open, allowing him to progress. As Tails ride the elevators and get deeper into the prison, enemies will start to show up in large numbers. He will eventually reach the Goal Ring.

[edit] Upgrade

The upgrade obtained in this stage is the Laser Blaster. Near the Goal Ring, you'll see steel crates. You must have the Bazooka from Eternal Engine in order to break the steel crates. This upgrade causes larger explosions when using lock-on missiles, allowing you to destroy nearby enemies caught in the blast.

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