Quartz Quadrant Zone

Quartz Quadrant Zone
Quartz Quadrant, in the present
Features inSonic the Hedgehog CD
Level TypeMine/Ungderground
LocationLittle Planet
Preceded byTidal Tempest Zone
Proceeded byWacky Workbench Zone

The Quartz Quadrant Zone is the forth zone in Sonic the Hedgehog CD and is a network of underground mine tunnels which appear to be mining for gems, presumably quartz given the zone's name. The zone is decorated with a mixture of gems which can be seen protruding from the ground, and conveyor belts and transporter tubes are all over the place. There is also a clean, blue lake in the distance.

In the past the mine has a more natural colour palette to it with several areas of grass still existing but the mine tunnels are still present. In the distance the large lake can be seen full of gems poking above the surface of the water. In the bad future Dr. Robotnik has assumed control of the mine and expanded it by covering everything with his own metal and added his own machinery in the distance, the lake is no longer so clean looking. In the good future the mine still exists but there is more building work in the background, as if the area has been turned into a city or possibly a larger factory for processing the gems. The area is, obviously, much cleaner and brighter than that of the bad future.

Dr. Robotnik appears at the end of the 3rd act piloting the Mine-Dropping Conveyor Belt.

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