Resort Island

Resort Island
Appearance(s)Sonic R
Level TypeGrassland
Preceded byNone
Proceeded byRadical City

This is the first course in Sonic R. The course is reminiscent of many other grassland levels, containing trees, lakes and bright blue skies. The song for this track is Can You Feel the Sunshine.

[edit] Items

[edit] Chaos Emeralds

There is one Chaos Emerald hidden in the course which can be found inside the path opened up spending 50 rings.

[edit] Tokens

There are five tokens hidden on the course and when all five are collected the player has the chance to unlock Metal Sonic. The tokens can be found at the following locations:

  • On top of the rocks directly ahead of the player at the start of course, sitting on the section of rocks which cover the path.
  • Underneath the waterfall.
  • Inside the path opened by spending 20 rings.
  • At the lake with the sharp right hand turn, keeping going forward instead across to the larger island in the lake.
  • At the hill where the signs direct the player either left or right, take the left path.
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