Ruff (right), with Stripes
First AppearanceSonic the Comic #4

Ruff is a dog who exists in the Sonic the Comic continuity.

He lives in the Emerald Hill Zone and is first seen in the fourth issue, Day of the Badniks, when he and his friend, Stripes, are looking for Sonic after Ruff is certain that he has seen him. They soon find what they believe to be Sonic, although it is actually a Sonic Badnik, destroying a Star Post, so they make a run for it as they believe that Sonic has lost his mind.

Later on Ruff and Stripes are wondering about what they have seen, when they are attacked again by a different set of badniks, and both captured, Ruff is turned into a Ruff Badnik and under Dr. Robotnik's control. Later Sonic is able to rescue and free the pair of them.

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