Scourge the Hedgehog

Scourge the Hedgehoog
FamilyAnti-Jules the Hedgehog (Father)
First AppearanceSonic the Hedgehog 011

Scourge the Hedgehog, previously known as Evil Sonic, is a character appearing in the Sonic the Hedgehog Archie comics series. He is, essentially, an "evil twin", possessing all of Sonic's abilities and traits, only his personality is an exact opposite. He even has a Super form, which is purple instead of yellow.

[edit] History

Scourge was first introduced in issue 11 as Evil Sonic after Sonic accidentally ended up on Anti-Mobius, an alternate universe similar to his own. In this universe, Scourge is the one trying to take over the planet along with the rest of his Anti-Freedom Fighters group, not Dr. Robotnik. When he was first introduced, Evil Sonic had exactly the same design as Sonic, only wearing leathers and sunglasses. In this form he made many attempts to kill Sonic, but failed each time and was eventually kicked out of the Anti-Freedom Fighters and carried on with his own plans alone. After becoming Scourge however, he proved much more of a threat, able to stand up to both Sonic and Shadow at once. He was eventually imprisoned by the Zone Cops, but broke free with the help of the Destructix. He seems to currently have plans for both Sonic's world and his own, but those plans remain to be seen.

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