Sonic Battle

Sonic Battle
Developer(s)Sonic Team
Platform(s)Gameboy Advance
Release dates (GBA)JP December 4th 2003
NA January 5th 2004
EU February 27th 2004

Sonic Battle is a fighting game, the second fighting game in the Sonic series since Sonic the Fighters.


[edit] Information

Up to 4 characters fight at the same time, each with their own abilities, and their own special attacks. The game offers a multi-player for up to 4 players simultaneously using the Gameboy Advance link cable, players play co-operatively in teams or in free-for-all. As well as fighting rounds, there are also mini-games to play.

[edit] Playable Characters

[edit] Features

  • Single player mode lets you create and train your own AI fighter.
  • Additional Party Game lets up to four players compete with one cartridge
  • Multiple special attacks for each character

[edit] Soundtracks

Music from the game features in the following CD soundtracks:

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