Sonic Blast

Sonic Blast
Platform(s)Game Gear
Master System
3DS (Virtual Console)
Release dates (GG)JP December 13th 1996
NA December 12th 1996
EU 1996
Release dates (MS)BRA 1997
Release dates (3DS VC)JPN April 18th 2012

Sonic Blast, known as G Sonic in Japan, was the last Sonic game to be released for the Game Gear. The name was related to the Mega Drive released of Sonic 3D Blast but despite this the games have nothing in common. The game was ported to the Master System in Brazil the following year.

[edit] Re-releases

The game has since been re-released on the Nintendo 3DS Virtual Console and also re-released or included either as an unlockable bonus in the following games:

[edit] Information

The player takes control of either Sonic or Knuckles and have to collect 5 Chaos Emeralds from the 5 levels of the game before then facing Dr. Robotnik at Silver Castle. Knuckles retains his gliding and climbing skills, whereas Sonic has a double jump move.

[edit] Zones

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