Sonic Drift 2

Sonic Drift 2
Platform(s)Game Gear
Release dates (MD)JPN March 17th 1995
NA November 1995
EU March 1995
Release dates (3DS)TBA

Sonic Drift 2 is the sequel to the Japan-only Sonic Drift. Unlike the first title, Sonic Drift 2 was released to both North America and Europe. As this original was not released in Europe the game was renamed to Sonic Drift Racing, however, it was still called Sonic Drift 2 in America.

[edit] Characters

Sonic Drift 2 was the first Sonic title to feature Nack and Metal Sonic as playable characters.

[edit] Gameplay

Players must compete and win races, earning Chaos Emeralds, and eventually racing against a 'boss'-like character depending on which character the player is using.

[edit] Zones

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