Sonic Mega Collection

Sonic Mega Collection
Developer(s)Sonic Team
Release dates (GC)JP December 19th 2002
NA November 10th 2002
EU March 7th 2003
AUS April 12th 2003
Release dates (PS2/Xbox)JP December 9th 2004
NA November 2nd 2004
EU February 4th 2005
AUS March 20th 2005
Release dates (PC)NA March 7th 2007
EU March 31st 2006

Sonic Mega Collection is a compilation of various Sonic games from the Mega Drive era alsongside some extra Sega games. Originally released for the Nintendo Gamecube, it was later the game was also released for Xbox, PS2 and PC under the title Sonic Mega Collection Plus which included the added bonus of some Sonic Game Gear titles.

[edit] Games

[edit] Mega Collection Plus

As stated, the game was later released on Xbox, PS2 and PC with an additional set of Game Gear titles. Also included on the American and European releases was The Ooze and Comix Zone which was previously only in the Japanese version of the Gamecube game.

[edit] Extra Games

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