Sonic Rivals

Sonic Rivals
256px-Sonic Rivals.jpg
Developer(s)Backbone Entertainment
Sega Studios USA
Release dates (PSP)NA November 24th 2006
EU December 1st 2006
AUS December 7th 2006

Sonic Rivals is a Racing game where characters race head-to-head to finish the level first and take on the boss battle at the end.


[edit] Information

As well as the racing and boss battles, the game utilises a collectable card system, cards are awarded during the levels which can be exchanged for extra items and costumes. It's possible to trade collectable cards with other players.

[edit] Storyline

Dr. Eggman has changed Tails, Amy, Rouge and the Master Emerald into cards using a new device, causing Sonic and the others to race after him and put everything right.

[edit] Characters

[edit] Bosses

[edit] Soundtracks

Music from the game features in the following CD soundtracks:

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