Sonic Rivals 2

Sonic Rivals 2
Developer(s)Backbone Entertainment
Sega Studios USA
Release dates (PSP)NA November 13th 2007
EU December 7th 2007
AUS December 6th 2007

A sequel to Sonic Rivals, the game is exclusive to the PSP.


[edit] Storyline

The Chao are missing and so the duty of retrieving them falls to those old lovable heroes, Sonic the Hedgehog and his sidekick Tails. As always, the disturbance is due to one Dr. Eggman (actually Eggman Nega in disguise) whom has hidden the stolen Chao in a haunted mansion. With a beast called the Iblis, his evil plot is to feed the chao to the monster so that it may become invincible. Once unbeatable, Doctor Eggman plans to release the Iblis upon the world to cause destruction and eventually destroy the world. For the portal to Iblis' world to be opened, Doctor Eggman must obtain the seven Chaos Emeralds and so hires the services of one Rouge the Bat. However, the Master Emerald is missing and so Rouge is joined by Knuckles in the hunt to find it.

While this is happening, Silver the Hedgehog travels from a future decimated by the Iblis. In order to save the future, Silver steals what chaos he can find to safely hide them away. His path leads him to run into Espio the Chameleon who is also looking for the missing chao and as such they team up in the hope of reaching their common goal, the saving of the world.

The real Doctor Eggman sends Metal Sonic to find Shadow the Hedgehog to tell him about Nega's plan. As such, Metal and Shadow set out to find the Chaos Emeralds.

All these teams eventually run into each other at the Mystic Haunt Zone, the location of the portal to the other world. Though Rouge only managed six, the portal still opens and Nega sends Metal Sonic Version III to awaken the Iblis. Despite whether you play as Sonic or Rouge's teams, the Iblis will ultimately be defeated by the other teams present. Shadow and Metal Sonic close up the portal and seal themselves, along with Nega, in the other dimension. Metal Sonic then goes on to reveal he held the seventh Emerald all along and so he and Shadow escape leaving Nega trapped under some rubble.

Sonic and Tails return the Chao to a Chao Garden while Knuckles finds the Master Emerald which is then stolen by Rouge. Silver returns to the future and Espio the Chameleon must answer to Vector the Crocodile.

[edit] Game-play

Sonic Rivals 2 incorporates two modes of game-play: Single and Multiplayer.

[edit] Single Player

Single Player can be broken down into four different aspects being Story Mode, Free Play, Cup Circuit and Single Event.

  • Story Mode: The staple mode of playing the game, the player must advance through the levels (or complete the zones) to advance through the story plot.
  • Free Play: In simple terms, you may take control of a character and play through the zones.
  • Cup Circuit and Single Event: Races and battles respectively, these may be customized with rewards for completing challenges.

[edit] Multiplayer

Multiplayer mode boasts 6 different competition types:

  • Knockout
  • Rings Battle
  • Capture the Chao
  • Laps Race
  • King of the Hill
  • Tag

[edit] Characters

[edit] Soundtracks

Music from the game features in the following CD soundtracks:

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