Sonic Rush

Sonic Rush
Developer(s)Sonic Team
Release dates (DS)NA November 15th 2005
EU November 18th 2005
JP November 23rd 2005

Sonic Rush is the first of the series of two Rush games, being later followed up by Sonic Rush Adventure.


[edit] Information

Sonic Rush introduces a new character to the series, Blaze the Cat, a princess from another world and guardian of the Sol Emeralds.

[edit] Storyline

Blaze somehow ends up in Sonic's world, searching for the Sol Emeralds that have been stolen by Dr. Eggman and, likewise, Sonic is searching for the Chaos Emeralds which have also stolen. Sonic and Blaze's paths meet and they eventually realise that for some reason Blaze's world is beginning to overlap with Sonic's.

[edit] Playable Characters

[edit] Non-Playable Characters

[edit] Zones

[edit] Soundtracks

Music from the game features in the following CD soundtracks:

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