Sonic Underground

Sonic Underground
StudioDiC Entertainment
Director(s)Marc Boreal
François Hemmen
Daniel Sarriet
Tom Smith
Original RunAugust 30th 1999 - May 4th 2000

Sonic Underground is an American produced cartoon series and the third and last western produced Sonic cartoon series.


[edit] Plot

The series is set in an alternate universe to the previous Sonic cartoons and games and features Sonic alongside his sister, Sonia and brother, Manic. The three are a set of triplets born to Queen Aleena, however her rule of Mobius is overthrown by Dr. Robotnik. Queen Aleena then separates the triplets, sending them off to different families for their own protection after receiving a prophecy that one day the four of them will reunite, retake the throne and depose Robotnik from his tyrannical rule of Mobius.

The triplets also have an amulet each which can transform into a musical instrument and also be used as a weapon. Each episode contains a song performed by the trio.

Each episode is generally a self contained episode, but the overall story of the series follows the three as they try to find their mother and defeat Dr. Robotnik. The series was cancelled before all the series' plot points could be resolved.

[edit] Characters

[edit] Main Characters

[edit] Minor Characters

[edit] Episodes

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