Sonic X

Sonic X
StudioTMS Entertainment
DirectorHajime Kamegaki
Original RunApril 6th 2003 - May 6th 2006

Sonic X is a Japanese produced anime, originally airing in Japan in 2003. The series was later translated and dubbed into several languages such as English and French.


[edit] Plot

The series begins on Sonic's home planet where Cream has been kidnapped by Dr. Eggman. During the mission to rescue her, Sonic, Tails and several other of the characters are caught up in an explosion of Chaos Control and find themselves separated out on Earth. Sonic runs into a young boy named Chris Thorndyke who hides Sonic and his friends in his house, only his maid, Ella, butler, Tanaka and his grandfather, Chuck. The series shows the characters getting along on the new planet, dealing with Dr. Eggman and, eventually, preventing the humans world and Sonic's world from merging together and freezing time itself.

The second arc introduces a new villain, Dark Oak who wants to steal the Chaos Emeralds which Sonic has scattered across the galaxy. By this point Sonic and everyone have returned back to Sonic's world and Chris also returns to Sonic's world through a portal. The group all team up a second time, this time to stop Dark Oak and his Metarex Army from collecting the Chaos Emeralds.

[edit] Characters

The series includes the majority of the main cast of Sonic characters which feature in the games, aswell as several Sonic X original characters.

[edit] Main Characters

[edit] Minor Characters

[edit] Episodes

[edit] Season 1

[edit] Season 2

[edit] Season 3

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