Sonic the Comic 004

Sonic the Comic
Sonic the Comic issue #4
Issue No.4
Publish Date10th July 1993
Cover ArtistJon Haward
Previous IssueIssue 3
Next IssueIssue 5

This is the fourth issue of Sonic the Comic. This issue features the first Sonic script written by Nigel Kitching, who would become one of the main regular script writers on the comic.


[edit] Comic Strips

[edit] Sonic the Hedgehog

Day of the Badniks

  • Script: Nigel Kitching
  • Art: Ed Hillyer
  • Lettering: Elitta Fell

The story begins in the Emerald Hill Zone with Stripes and his friend Ruff heading through the zone, as Ruff is certain that he has seen Sonic up ahead. When they catch up to him though, they see who they believe to be Sonic destroying a Star Post, although unknown to them it is a Badnik designed to look like Sonic. Believing that Sonic has lost his mind, Spikes and Ruff make a run for it.

Elsewhere, Tails is trying to catch up to Sonic, who does stop to listen to him eventually, despite claiming he has things to do. Tails tells Sonic that some of the guys in the zone claim to have seen Sonic destroying Star Posts, although he knows it can't be Sonic that has done it, but thinks they should check into it anyway. Sonic tells Tails not to worry and that he'll deal with it.

Tails, surrounded by the badniks
Later that evening, Stripes and Ruff are discussing what they saw when they are attacked and captured by Badniks, turning them both into a badnik. Sonic and Tails are still investigating, finding one of the spots where a Star Post has been torn out of the ground. Out of nowhere the Sonic Badnik that Stripes and Ruff saw earlier attacks, Sonic attempts to take it on but finds the metal shell much tougher to break than a usual badnik. Sonic tells Tails to keep back but, as Sonic is having trouble, he climbs up a pillar then leaps to perform a spin attack at the Sonic Badnik. Unfortunately Sonic had a similar idea and the two end up colliding, enabling the badnik to capture Sonic and imprison him inside the robotic shell.

Tails is quickly outnumbered by all the giant badniks, including the Sonic Badnik, Stripes Badnik and Ruff Badnik, when Dr. Robotnik appears, having not forgotten about what happened the last time they met, he even has a Tails Badnik shell ready for him as well. He explains that he has been having the Star Posts removed and gathered up so as to prevent people from accessing the Special Zone where he has now set up his new base of operations. After hearing the plan, Sonic, inside the badnik casing, grabs hold of Dr. Robotnik's moustache, despite being inside the badnik, he still has free will and threatens to perform a Spin Attack whilst holding onto Dr. Robotnik's moustache unless he sets them all free. Dr. Robotnik reluctantly agrees and makes his escape, warning Sonic that he has big plans in store for them.

[edit] Characters

[edit] Shinobi

The Fear Pavilion Part 4

  • Script: Alan McKenzie
  • Art: Jon Haward
  • Lettering: Ellie de Ville

Musashi makes his way to the next floor, finding a stage and the next martial arts master, dressed as the Monkey King. The martial arts master attacks Musashi, refusing to tell him anything when he asks about Naoko and continues to attack, until finally Musashi can land a hit in just the right place to immobilise him. He proceeds to the next level, where the next martial arts master is hiding high above him, standing on two wooden poles.

[edit] The Legend of the Golden Axe

Citadel of Dead Souls Part 4

  • Script: Mark Eyles
  • Art: Mike White
  • Lettering: Richard Bird

Ax-Battler and Gilius are fighting their way through the skeleton warriors, attempting to get inside the Corpselands where Sorcerer Blackspell intends to sacrifice Tyris in order to revive Dark Guld from the dead. Tyris uses her powers of fire to subtly burn the ropes that have her tied to the sacrifice block whilst Blackspell is busy with his incantation and manages to escape just in time, as does the re-animated Dark Guld, who then attacks Blackspell. Whilst Blackspell is busy, Tyris takes the Golden Axe, using it to keep back the other warriors, whilst she is fighting she is also reunited with Ax-Battler and Gilius. Dark Guld is still struggling with Blackspell and, because the spell Blackspell was casting was incomplete due to Tyris escaping and Dark Guld attacking him, the two of their bodies combine into one.

[edit] Wonderboy

Wonderboy in Demon World Part 3

  • Script: Mark Eyles
  • Art: M. DJ. Boyann
  • Lettering: Steve Potter

Shion is fighting against the demons he came across in the previous issue, realising now that the head demon is Grimomen, the demon lord. He zaps Shion, hitting his hand which injures him and causes his hand to glow blue, allowing the demons to take in the rest of the villagers. One of the villagers, Baila, manages to pull Shion to safety and shows him a secret tunnel that leads out to the beach nearby where the demons are going into the sea with the villagers captive. Despite being under the water, they are protected by some kind of magic that allows them to survive under water. Baila gives Shion a necklace which will allow him to breathe under water so he goes into the sea after the carts. His hand that was hit earlier, has now turned into a blue claw and he is also attacked by an octapus.

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