Sonic the Comic 019

Sonic the Comic
Sonic the Comic issue #19
Issue No.19
Publish Date18th February 1994
Cover ArtistBrian Williamson and Steve White
Previous IssueIssue 18
Next IssueIssue 20

This is the nineteenth issue of Sonic the Comic. This issue contains the start of the Eternal Champions and Shinobi strips.


[edit] Comic Strips

[edit] Sonic the Hedgehog

Casino Night, Part 2

  • Script: Nigel Kitching
  • Art: Richard Elson
  • Lettering: Elitta Fell

Sonic and Porker are tied to the tracks of the Casino Night Zone roller coaster, with a cart heading straight for them. The Marxio Brothers are watching nearby, with Grouchio claiming credit for what is actually Chicio's plan. Porker is panicking because Sonic doesn't have a plan to get them out of the way of the roller coaster, until Sonic admits he was just joking, he does really. He vibrates his hands at Sonic speed to cause the ropes to loosen, allowing himself and Porker to move out of the way of the roller coaster car just in time.

Sonic faces the Marxio Brothers
Sonic goes on ahead after the Marxio Brothers, following them into the heart of the Casino Night Zone into the large pinball machine he was stuck in the previous issue, where Grouchio has the device that Porker created which would disable the main computer running the zone. After trying to get hold of the device, Grouchio eventually smashes it, although Sonic reveals he didn't need it anyway, he was just stalling for time as Porker, who could create the device in the first place, is more than capable of reprogramming the main computer manually as well.

Once they get out of the pinball machine they see that Porker was successful and all the machines are paying out money again. The head of the main control room in the centre of the zone explodes and Sonic and Porker make a quick exit.

[edit] Characters

[edit] Eternal Champions

Eternal Champions, Part 1

  • Script: Michael Cook
  • Art: Brian Williamson and Steve White
  • Lettering: Tom Frame

In Tokyo, two suspicious looking men are conducting a deal to exchange Bio-Keys, a government secret project, when Shadow Yamato, a ninja assassin, bursts through the window to stop them. Nakano, one of the men, is surprised to see Yamato alive, and moments later the rest of the Eternal Champions (R.A.X. Coswell, Jonathon Blade, Xavier, Jetta Maxx, Larcien Tyler, Mitchell Middleton Knight, Trident and Slash) burst in to tackle Nakano's guards. As they are fighting Nakano is able to escape, Yamato though is happy they stopped the deal and have proof that what the Eneternal Champion forewarned them has come true and they have arrived at the right time stream to destroy the Bio-Key technology, as it threatens the future.

[edit] Shinobi

The Art of War, Part 1

  • Script: Alan McKenzie
  • Art: Jon Haward
  • Lettering: Ellie de'Ville

In Tokyo Joe Musashi disguised as an old man is outside the Neo Zeed building, there is no way in from the front as he would need an entry card and also a pin code. Joe thinks back to his training five years previously, and the words of his master who told him that if the enemy isn't abiding by the laws of bushido, then he shouldn't either. Naoko is still missing, so Musashi heads to the roof of a nearby building with a hang-glider, landing on the roof of the Neo Zeed building.

[edit] Tails

The Land Beyond, Part 2

  • Script: Nigel Kitching
  • Art: Dave Windett and John M. Burns
  • Lettering: Steve Potter
Tails and Errol find Shirob
Tails and Errol are dealing with the goblins attacking them, although Errol is noticing that Tails isn't really fighting, and simply holding back or flying out of reach until finally the goblins flee. Tails finally tells Errol the truth about the letters and his exaggeration, Errol wants to tell the Enchanter Kings about this, but for now they should continue with their mission and head into the Labyrinth. Errol leads the way as he has studied the maps of the labyrinth, although despite this, they end up being chased by some kind of monster and chased over the edge of a pit. Tails grabs hold of Errol and manages to fly them both to safety, and they continue through the maze.

Eventually they come across some old bones, and hear a loud growl not too far off, but before they can really dwell on it they come across Shirob who is shackled to a large piece of stone. As they go to release him, some eyes and teeth light up in the background.

[edit] Characters

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