Sonic the Hedgehog: The Movie

Sonic the Hedgehog: The Movie
StudioStudio Pierrot
Director(s)Kazunori Ikegami
Original RunMay 31st 1996

Sonic the Hedgehog: The Movie is a 2-part, Japanese produced direct-to-video anime. In Japan the OVA was originally released over 2 video tapes, the episodes named Journey to Eggmanland and Sonic Vs. Metal Sonic. The English language release of the OVA combined both episodes together into one to form a movie.


[edit] Plot

In this version of the story, the planet, known as Planet Freedom, has two layers, the upper layer where Sonic, Tails and the general population of the planet live known as the Land of the Sky. The lower layer at the planets surface, known as the Land of Darkness, is a dark, polluted city covered in Dr. Robotnik's machinery and influence.

Sonic and Tails are relaxing when they are brought a message by Old Man Owl that the President needs to see them immediately. Once they arrive they discover that Dr. Robotnik has taken the President and his daughter, Sara, hostage. Dr. Robotnik then informs them that a machine he created, the Robot Generator, is running dangerously out of control after being sabotaged by a robot version of himself, Metal Robotnik. If the machine isn't stopped it will explode endangering all of Planet Freedom.

Sonic and Tails set off to stop the generator and are joined by Knuckles along the way. However, they soon realise the whole thing was a ruse by Dr. Robotnik to lure Sonic close to his machinery and copy his DNA to transfer it into his newest creation; Metal Sonic. Sonic and Metal Sonic fight and ultimately Metal Sonic is the victor, after which he takes off and heads to the ice caps and attempts to destroy them, and the Land of the Sky in the process.

Tails and Knuckles have learnt of Metal Sonic's plans and, eventually, reunite with Sonic whom they had been separated from since his fight earlier. The three head to the ice caps to stop Metal Sonic, finding Dr. Robotnik and Sara, who is still his captive, already there. Whilst Sonic and Metal Sonic are fighting, the President arrives on the scene but, after crashing his ship, is stuck inside it. Before the ship explodes, Metal Sonic manages to save the President, making Sonic realise that he is capable of independent thought and has emotions as Metal Sonic has a copy of his DNA and personality.

Metal Sonic was heavily damaged by this point and falls into the lava, refusing efforts to save him and allows himself to be engulfed. Dr. Robotnik is undeterred though as he still has Sonic's DNA on disc, however, the disc is destroyed moments later by one of his own slow moving missiles.

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