Sonic the Hedgehog (STC)

Sonic the Hedgehog
First AppearanceSonic the Comic #1

This is Sonic as he appears in the Sonic the Comic continuity. Like other continuities, he is the leader of a freedom fighting group who fight against Dr. Robotnik in an attempt to free Planet Mobius from his rule.


[edit] History

[edit] Meeting Dr. Kintobor

Sonic was a resident of the Green Hill Zone and originally an ordinary brown hedgehog, although he was still able to run incredibly fast for his species, he even introduces himself as "the fastest hedgehog on Planet Mobius". One day whilst exploring as he often did, he came across the underground laboratory of Dr. Kintobor, a human scientist. They soon became good friends and Sonic would often visit Dr. Kintobor in his laboratory to help with his projects or just hang out. At the time, Dr. Kintobor's major project was the ridding the planet of all its evil, which he was doing with the aid of a device he invented known as the Retro-Orbital Chaos Compressor, or ROCC for short. In order to store all the planets evil, Dr. Kintobor used six emeralds, however, because he had been so far unable to locate the seventh emerald, the machine was instable.

Sonic, as a brown hedgehog
Dr. Kintobor became interested in Sonic's speed, so invented him a pair or Power Sneakers which would enable Sonic to run even faster than ever before. With the sneakers, Dr. Kintobor asked Sonic to run on another of his inventions, the Kinetic Gyratoscope, which was like a large running wheel which would then scan the planet for the missing emerald. Whilst using the device though, the Power Sneakers proved so effective that Sonic was able to break the speed of sound, the resulting explosion from breaking the sound barrier causing the Kinetic Gyratoscope to explode and Sonic to turn blue.

Shortly after this event, Dr. Kintobor was involved with an accident which caused the ROCC to explode, transforming him into Dr. Robotnik.

[edit] Freedom Fighting

After Dr. Robotnik set his sights on conquering and enslaving the entire planet, Sonic set himself up to oppose him. Sonic, along with Tails whom he met by chance one day when Sonic saved him from drowning in the Swampland Zone, continued to work against Dr. Robotnik's plans. At the start of the comic, the events of Sonic 1 and Sonic 2 had already taken place. By this point Dr. Robotnik only had a few areas under his control and Sonic and Tails were able to keep his expansions reasonably under control.

In Sonic the Comic #8, Sonic took Tails, Johnny Lightfoot and Porker Lewis with him into the Special Zone to meet the Omni-Viewer, an old friend of Sonic's. Using the Omni-Viewer's ability to display images from the past on his screen, Sonic explained about his and Dr. Robotnik's past, detailing how he came to be a blue hedgehog, and how Dr. Kintobor became the Dr. Robotnik they knew today.

Unknown to them, the Omni-Viewer had been taken over by Dr. Robotnik and, after Sonic had finished telling his story, Omni-Viewer captured the group and moved them forward in time by six months. In their six month absence Dr. Robotnik had been able to overthrow the majority of the planet, leaving Sonic and the others in the position of constantly having to fight back.

Sonic formed a freedom fighting group with Tails, Johnny Lightfoot and Porker Lewis, and were later joined by Amy Rose after she became a target of Dr. Robotnik's after she falsely claimed that she was Sonic's girlfriend. The group was also aided by the Kintobor Computer, an advanced self-aware computer that had a copy of Dr. Kintobor's brainwaves encoded onto it.

[edit] Personality

Sonic in this continuity was every part the hero and portrayed as fearless to the point of recklessness and, of course, fast and cool. He had a strong sense of justice, which lead him to oppose Dr. Robotnik in the first place, putting to good use his incredible abilities in the process.

Because of his abilities though he was often arrogant and cocky and wouldn't have much time for those who couldn't keep up in the process which would lead to him being short with or even belittling his friends. Tails often bore the brunt of Sonic's insults, usually because he would insist on following Sonic regardless, and would usually end up being called a "pixel-brain" by Sonic. Despite how this may come across though, Sonic does genuinely care for his friends.

Sonic craves excitement, and becomes bored and restless when there is nothing going on.

[edit] Abilities

Sonic's main ability was, of course, his incredible speed and his Spin Attack, which would destroy Badniks easily. He also has a quick mind and is quite intelligent.

However one negative ability that Sonic possessed was when he would transform into Super Sonic. Originally, like the games, Sonic would only transform into Super Sonic after exposure to the Chaos Emeralds but, as told in Sonic the Comic #7, his transformation could now be triggered by extreme stress. Whilst in this form all his abilities are enhanced, but he has no control over himself and will attack his friends as well as his enemies. In a later issue, Sonic was able to separate himself from his Super Sonic transformation and Super Sonic became his own entity.

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