Sonic x Vapor

Sonic x Vapor

Sonic x Vapor is a promotional, free browser game as part of a collaboration between Sega and Nike to promote Nike's Mercurial Vapor football boots. It is hidden within Nike's YouTube page, aswell as via an advertisement on the Xbox 360 dashboard.

[edit] Gameplay

The mini-game features sprites and artwork from the original Sonic the Hedgehog, only with Sonic's sprites altered to feature the Nike shoes. The game has Sonic auto-running through the Green Hill Zone and the player tries to get as far through the scrolling level as possible whilst avoiding badniks, spikes and bottomless pits. The game is over when Sonic is injured when holding no rings, or falls off the screen.

Sonic was given a double jump and footballs are scattered throughout the game which, when collected, Sonic kicks the football across the screen into enemies. There are also Star Posts but they serve no purpose.

Despite all the artwork being based off the first Sonic the Hedgehog, the background music is from Sonic the Hedgehog 4.

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