Space Colony ARK

Space Colony Ark
First AppearanceSonic Adventure 2
Location TypeSpace station

The Space Colony Ark was Earth's first Bernal sphere space colony intended for long-term habitation, and was built over 50 years before the events of Sonic Adventure 2.

[edit] History

Aboard the Space Colony ARK were several notable scientists, including Gerald Robotnik, where they would carry out experiments and testing of all kinds under the supervision of the government.

Inspired by his granddaughter, Maria Robotnik, who was suffering from a terminal illness, Gerald set about creating an immortal life form hoping that he would not only discover a cure for Maria's illness but also discover the secret of immortality. After several failed prototypes, one of which that became the Biolizard, but was sealed away as it was too dangerous, Gerald would finally create Shadow the Hedgehog.

Later, the Ark was raided by G.U.N. after the government became suspicious and sceptical about Gerald's progress on the immortality project and over his refusal to cease the project. During the raid, Maria was killed whilst protecting Shadow to ensure his safety and seal him in a stasis pod. After hearing of his granddaughter's death, Gerald lost his sanity and reprogrammed his other projects aboard the Ark, such as the Biolizard, to destroy the Earth as an act of revenge. G.U.N. managed to deactivate the tampered experiments and the Ark remained floating in space for over 50 years.

[edit] Sonic Adventure 2

During the events of Sonic Adventure 2, Shadow, now re-awakened after being in stasis since the attack on the Ark, collected together the Chaos Emeralds along with Dr. Robotnik and Rouge the Bat in order to take them back to the Ark and activate the Eclipse Cannon. However, they soon discovered the real power of the Ark when combined with all the Chaos Emeralds was that the entire Ark would descend to the Earth in order to destroy it. Shadow, remembering Maria's final words to him when she asked him to protect the Earth, had a change of heart and teamed up with Sonic and the others to stop the Ark.

[edit] Shadow the Hedgehog

The Ark, having been floating idly in space since Sonic Adventure 2, was featured again in Shadow the Hedgehog when the Black Arms take control of the it and used it to attack Earth.

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