Speed Highway

Speed Highway
Speed Highway.png
Appearance(s)Sonic Adventure
Sonic Generations
Level TypeCity
Boss(es)Tails: Egg Walker
Preceded bySonic: Twinkle Park
Tails: Sky Deck
Knuckles: none, first level
Proceeded bySonic: Red Mountain
Tails: none, final level
Knuckles: Casinopolis

Speed Highway, first appearing in Sonic Adventure, is a level that takes place in a city. The stage is split into three sections. The first, main section takes place on the skyscrapers and highways of Station Square. The second section consists of Sonic running down a large building, where he will reach the ground level, leading to the final section. The final section takes place during the daytime on the streets of Station Square, where traffic becomes an obstacle.


[edit] Sonic Adventure

[edit] Sonic

This is the sixth stage in Sonic's story. With Sonic, he must simply make his way to the capsule and release the animals inside. He is the only character that must traverse through all three sections of this stage.

[edit] Tails

This is the final stage in Tails' story. He must race Doctor Eggman to the end of the stage, in order to prevent him from detonating a missile and destroying Station Square. Tails only plays through the first section of Speed Highway, although he doesn't go through the same path as Sonic. There are numerous shortcuts Tails can take, using his flying ability.

[edit] Knuckles

This is the first stage in Knuckles' story. He only plays in the third section of this stage, where he's on the ground level. Knuckles must find three Emerald pieces, which can be held in various places, such as enemies or buildings.

[edit] Sonic Generations

This stage also appears as the fourth stage in Sonic Generations.

[edit] Act 1

The first Act is played as Classic Sonic and is entirely in 2D. Classic Sonic only goes through the first section of Speed Highway. As with the original game, Classic Sonic does run along multiple highways and skyscrapers, but in this stage, is a heavy focus on platforming.

[edit] Act 2

Speed Highway Modern

This Act is played as Modern Sonic and the level design is very similar to the original stage. Sonic's game style, although, is of the recent games. When you reach the section where Sonic runs down the tall skyscraper, in this version whenever you crash into a pillar or any obstacle, you lose rings unlike the original stage, therefore you must be careful.

After reaching the bottom of the building, the level design goes in a different direction from the original. Instead of ending up on the streets of the city during the daytime, night time remains and Sonic moves along more highways before reaching the goal.

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