Super Mecha Sonic

Super Mecha Sonic
Features inSonic & Knuckles
Sonic 3 & Knuckles
LevelSky Sanctuary Zone
Previous BossMecha Sonic
Next BossNone, final boss

Super Mecha Sonic is the tenth boss when playing as Knuckles in Sonic & Knuckles and the twenty-second when playing as Knuckles in Sonic 3 & Knuckles, it is the final boss in both these instances. The boss appears in the Sky Sanctuary Zone after having defeated Mecha Sonic. Sonic and Tails do not fight this boss and instead carry on to the Death Egg Zone.

After being defeated moments earlier, Mecha Sonic jumps onto the Master Emerald, powering himself up into a more powerful form, Super Mecha Sonic. In this form he can move faster, fly and shoot large, round laser balls at Knuckles. When Super Mecha Sonic uses this laser attack, it drains his power, causing him to fall to the ground and return to its original form, it is only in these moments when it is vulnerable to attack. But Knuckles must be quick as it will head straight back to the Master Emerald to recharge.

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