Sweet Mountain

Sweet Mountain
Sweet Mountain.png
Appearance(s)Sonic Colors
Level TypeIndustrial
Boss(es)Captain Jelly
Preceded byTropical Resort or Starlight Carnival (depending on player's choice)
Proceeded byPlanet Wisp, Aquarium Park or Asteroid Coaster(depending on player's choice)

Sweet Mountain is a stage in Sonic Colors that is unlocked after clearing the Tropical Resort. It takes place on a mountain, high beyond the clouds. This stage has a large emphasis on food, particularly sweets, as indicated in its title, such as cakes and doughnuts. Introduced in Sweet Mountain is the Yellow Wisp, which grants Sonic the Drill ability, as well as the Orange Wisp, which grants Sonic the Rocket ability.


[edit] Wii Version

[edit] Act 1

Sweet Mountain Act 1

This Act starts off with Sonic heading down a mountain, as he starts making his way through an area that's surrounded by different sweets. This Act introduces the Drifiting mechanic, as well as the Yellow Wisp, which allows Sonic to dig underground. There are many hidden areas underground that Sonic can reach using only the Yellow Wisp. During the 2D section, Sonic must use the moving platforms to progress, while avoid Eggman's enemies and the spikes that appear from the ground. There's one area, in which you have the option to use the Cyan Wisp as well.

[edit] Act 2

Sweet Mountain Act 2

This second Act begins with Sonic proceeding through a small tunnel, where he must use the Quick Step ability. Afterwards, he must drift while heading down the mountain slope. In the next section, the Act will shift and remain in 2D, as Sonic must make his way around the enormous hamburger tower. There are multiple paths that Sonic can take using the Yellow and Green Wisps. They're also required to obtain some of the Red Rings. Throughout the Act, Sonic must avoid traps, such as spikes and collapsing floors. Sonic will reach the Goal Ring after grinding the rail near the end.

[edit] Act 3

Sweet Mountain Act 3

This Act begins with Sonic running on a straight path, while making his way through Eggman's robots. Next, the act will shift to 2D, where Sonic will be introduced to the Orange Wisp. This Wisp allows Sonic to trandform into a Rocket and blast into the air. He will free fall once he exits his Wisp form. While falling, Sonic can collect many things, such as rings, extra lives, and possibly Red Rings. Another obstacle introduced and appears throughout the Act is a large rocket that falls and crashes on the surface.

If Sonic revisits this Act with the Pink Wisp unlocked, he can access another part of the act that will require him to continue using that Wisp while avoiding the large rockets, as well as bottomless pits.

[edit] Act 4

Sweet Mountain Act 4

This Act is entirely in 2D. Throughout the Act, Sonic must use switches to rotate the orange barriers, allowing him to pass without getting hurt. A Cyan Wisp can be used, allowing Sonic to reach hidden areas and obtain a Red Ring. Near the end, if revisited with the Purple Wisp, Sonic can destroy all of the black blocks and also obtain a Red Ring. Near the end, Sonic must use the switch to ride a platform upwards while avoiding the orange barriers along the way. Near the end, towards the left, holds the Goal Ring.

[edit] Act 5

Sweet Mountain Act 5

Sonic begins the Act by going through an area requiring Quick Step, before the stage shifts and remains in 2D. Sonic, then, must use the Blue Wisp to create blue blocks allowing Sonic to progress through the Act, as well as possibly uncover hidden areas and locate the Red Rings. Also, throughout the Act, Sonic must use the device that allow the hedgehog to swing and reach higher areas. He can swing by simply walking/running into the device, or boosting into it. Near the end, is the Pink Wisp, which Sonic can use to defeat most of the enemies. The Goal Ring appears at the end.

[edit] Act 6

Sweet Mountain Act 6

Similarly to Act 4, this Act is very short and entirely in 2D. Sonic must use some of the yellow blocks as platforms to progress. He must be careful, for if any of Eggman's robots shoot the yellow blocks, they will temporarily disappear, preventing Sonic from moving on. Immediately after, Sonic will reach an area where he must use the Blue Wisp, turning blue rings into blocks. After using the blue blocks as different platforms, the Goal Ring will appear at the end.

[edit] Boss Battle

Captain Jelly

The boss of Sweet Mountain is Captain Jelly. The battle starts out on his ship. Sonic must make it to the end of the ship and attack the switch, which sends the ship crash landing. At this point, Sonic takes on the captain from the ground. The robot will hop around, trying to attack you, along with the smaller pirates surrounded him. Sonic must simply use the Homing Attack or Boost into him whenever he gets the opportunity. After hitting him twice, Sonic will head back on to the ship, where he must repeat the entire process one more time to defeat it.

You can obtain the Yellow Wisp by Homing Attacking one of the cannonballs. When you get to the ground area, use it and strike Captain Jelly from underground, dealing double damage.

[edit] DS Version

[edit] Act 1

This Act introduces the Red Wisp, allowing Sonic to turn into a red fireball. It gives him the ability to use multiple jumps, and destroys the enemies in his path. There are many stage specific objects that can assist Sonic, such as the cannons, which are powered up by the Red Wisp, rockets, and gelatin, which acts as springs to propel Sonic in the air.

[edit] Act 2

This is similar to Act 1, except the stage specific objects appear more frequently. A hot air balloon is introduced, allowing Sonic to progress over large pits. At the end, a robot will launch Sonic into the air, where he must free fall while avoiding bombs.

[edit] Boss Battle

Captain Jelly

As with the Wii version, the boss is Captain Jelly, but is played out completely differently.The Captain will launch rockets towards Sonic, who will be able to Boost into them to launch them back to the Captain. Afterwards, the robot will fall, giving Sonic the opportunity to attack him with the Homing Attack or the Red Wisp.

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